Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget – Everlasting Memories


with a small budget, you can be sending your guests electronic invites. The E-invite is either a picture or an electronic document you can send to your guests via email and social media sites such as iMessage, Instagram, Viber, WeChat, or WhatsApp. In addition, you will save costs on stationery the process of tracking attendees is more simple.

Create your own wedding invitations. To personalize your wedding invitation it is possible to use Canva or Etsy templates online. You can then send the invitation design to printed.com for high-quality printing for a reasonable price. After your invitations are printed, they can be delivered to you using courier services.

Book a photographer for an hourly basis

Another option for planning an outdoor wedding on a budget is hiring a photographer at an hourly cost. Instead of hiring a photographer who will cover a whole day (12-14hrs), book their services on an hourly schedule for a portion of the day (8 hours). According to oceanfinance.com Couples could save approximately $750 by booking a photographer for half the time.

Utilize Nature

Look into a wedding venue which doesn’t require a lot of decoration to reduce the cost of buying or hiring decorative elements. Outdoor venues that routinely has lawn care services will guarantee you have some attractive elements. For a more rustic but elegant appearance, combine your bouquets using whole flowers including hemp flowers.

To create a bohemian vibe it is possible to use vintage wine and spirit bottles. To add a bonus, most outdoor venues don’t have massive rental fees which means you’ll get a place at an affordable cost. You must ensure that the location is landscaped with and pest control as well as weed control and all permits.

Take advantage of the talents that only your Family and Friends have

If one of your friends is a skilled disc jockey, musician, or photographer, that can aid in planning an outdoor event