what to Expect From Your Stucco Resealing Service – Reference Video.net

The tiles on the wall are damaged.

After cleaning is applying a primer coat with stucco cleaner. The primer coat creates an adhesive between the new stucco and the surfaces. The stucco builder applies the basecoat, the main layer for the final appearance of stucco. It is comprised of sand as well as water that are combined with cement. The application is done with a trowel.
When the basecoat is dry and smooth, it can be smoothed using a roller. It is then applied to that base coat. This is accomplished by mixing sand, cement, and water. For smoothing the topcoat using a roller.

Once the topcoat has been installed, the stucco resealing service uses brushes to distribute the layer evenly over the walls. The service will also provide roughness to the stucco, if needed.
The stucco may have to be sealed after everything is dry. It is typically done by applying a white paint to the wall. If you’d prefer to retain that original color of your home, stucco can be painted. xgdhp4uj1l.