Want to Become a Lawyer? Heres Some Tips! – Dan Park Law Group


meet their goals.

Completion of Bachelor’s Degree Program
An aspiring lawyer’s minimum educational prerequisite to be eligible for law school is a bachelor’s.

Perform well on your performance on the Law School Admission Test
The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) serves as a key element in determining whether a lawyer candidate is accepted to law school.

Choose Law Schools and Submit Applications
After completing undergraduate studies some students get practical experience in various areas before enrolling in law school.

Earn an Juris Doctor degree
The Juris Doctor (JD) is the internationally acknowledged degree for people wishing to become lawyers in the United States. There are currently 205 ABA-accredited law schools offer the JD degree.

Excel in the Bar Examination
In many states lawyers must graduate from an ABA recognized law school, and then pass the bar exam in the state of the applicant.

Enhance your Career
There are many opportunities for lawyers to grow their professional careers. As associates for new lawyers, they begin their careers and collaborate with skilled counterparts to further develop their craft.