Most Terrifying Roofing Incidents Ever Recorded on Camera – The Film Frame


They are a diverse bunch. Even though they are high at the top, it’s clear that they’re not scared. Unintentional slips can be the end of the world for the workers. However, the majority are skilled professionals who know how to finish what they want. However, certain conditions like rain, wind, and even snow could cause roofing work to be extremely challenging and dangerous. In this video, you can see just how fast the roofing work may fail.

One video in particular shows how hazardous snow can be. Storms that cause snow reduce visibility and increase the risk of frostbite, and make surfaces slippery. Roofers who are working on steep slopes that are high above the ground can be at a particular danger. Refraining from such conditions is a good idea. However, others choose to fight them. A video shows the fall of a man off on a roof following stepping onto the ice and snow. The man is thrown several stories before landing on the floor. He seems fine thanks to the heavy layers of clothes as well as the snow that he fell on. A different clip shows men making use of picks to take snow off rooftops. One wrong move can send the entire sheet of snow sliding off the roof. The snow carries them and then they fall to the ground with a massive heap of snow. Fortunately, the snow saved them from sever injuries.