Minecraft Mod Takes a Whole New Perspective on Portable Storage – Spokane Events

include barrels, sacks of items as well as include donkeys. It’s true, you can have a donkey transport the items you need. There is also the possibility of creating the chest minecart that can transport your possessions far. The idea is to create an elevator for your items vertically If you’re skilled working with redstone. All of these are great suggestions. However, Minecraft mods open up an even greater variety of possibilities. For the first step it is necessary to choose on of the excellent Minecraft servers hosting firms such as Bisect Hosting. Some mods include the ability to store items in virtual storage. Some add additional storage solutions for liquids, such as tanks. However, one mod in particular included an interesting take regarding the concept of portable storage.

The mod is also known as Living Chest. It is now available in Fortge 1.16. Plans are for upgrading to 1.18 shortly. Since the start of the video , you will observe that there’s been an immense amount of care and detail put into the mod. It is possible to create an eye staff by placing the eye of an ender diagonally on bones. This staff can then be utilized to summon a live chest. A living chest can be opened by right clicking and the contents can then be placed in or taken out. You can also follow the chest like you would as a dog.