Learn to Understand Computer Jargon

All of this talk about CSS A links and how to link CSS to HTML can leave most people scratching their heads. To the layperson, or professional who is not well versed in computer terminology or computer language, the lingo that is so common among computer programmers and IT professionals is almost like a foreign language. As such, when one who is not familiar with computer and IT jargon, they may feel as though they are not only in a foreign land, but like they are living within a Philip K. Dick novel. Thus, overhearing a conversation that involves CSS A links, A HREF HTML, A HREF LINKS, and A HREF targets, one can feel incredibly alone in the world. Given the essential pervasiveness of computers, it is virtually impossible for workers to avoid interacting with computer and IT geeks. In fact, often times they must interact with one another. If you are one of those people who has no clue regarding the meaning of a CSS A link or how a link CSS works, help is not far away.

For many smart professionals, feeling like they are in the dark can be incredibly frustrating. For instance, ff they hear a coworker talking about CSS A links, they want to know what he or she is referring to. This is especially true for Type A personalities who cannot stand not being able to understand what is being said around them. Fortunately, the are many books and websites from which one can learn about the intricacies of computer technology. Even better, there are plenty of free websites where the most ambitious person can even learn to read and write computer languages. One of the cool things about computer lovers who are fluent in computer and programming languages, is that they often enjoy sharing their knowledge, even if it is only intended to show how intelligent they are. As such, the internet is filled with generous people who are often eager to help others. Therefore, one can easily come to understand the meaning behind phrases such a CSS A link, anchor links, anchor tags, and CSS tags. Thus, in a very short while, discussions of CSS A links, HTML, and so on, will no longer seem like ancient Sumerian etchings.