Can This Little Robot Mow Your Lawn? – Technology Magazine


facial ink and fresh grass trimmings in the nose. For many, however, this could be time-consuming and frustrating. Thankfully, there are many fantastic mowers on the market that can make this process go faster. You have the option of choosing from conventional push mowers, zero-turn models, or ride-on mowers. It is possible that there will be a third competitor. Researchers have tried to create a robotic lawnmowers which is totally self-contained. This video will show you how to create one.

The machine mower is connected to the internet and moves across the yard until it’s mows all the lawn. The question is how does it determine the location of your lawn it might ask. It’s easy, just set up an area of boundary using a tiny wire running along the boundaries of your property. This wire can be detected by the robot , and will never run across. Modern robotic lawnmowers detect this wire digitally via GPS. The mower will return to dock at the charging station at night, if it’s running out of batteries.