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ashwathama real photo

or. He claimed to have conversation with him and learnt that Bheem was much taller and stronger than him. nobody mentioned about his language issue with them. Muslim Sai Baba is Not God, FRAUD EXPOSED! Fyi:–Srila Prabhupada whom I think you might admire did not have a problem with Islam. The five men Ashwatthama had actually killed were the sons of the five Paandavas, born from Drapuadi. Duryodhan tried to kill Pandavs or at least one of them – 4 times since childhood. No camera can detect him. Naranappa overcome with excitement disclosed this secret to his wife, and his writing flow stopped immediately. He is very much ALIVE. With the blessings of Sree Krishn Ji, one day we will definitely would like to stretch the search and meet Aswathama Ji. The Swami keenly observed his physique and characteristics which were very peculiar. We are changeless. Mahabharat is an epic Indian television series based on the ancient Sanskrit epic of the same name.The original airing consisted of a total of ninety-four episodes and were broadcast from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 on Doordarshan. He looked young and had an admirable height and long arms. With these revealing words the old man once again returned to the guise of snake and hid itself amidst the cluster of stones. A small drop in the ocean of efforts to spread history, knowledge, bravery and facts about Hinduism and Bharat. it is really astonishing ……. It was the night of the eighteenth day of the war and he was sitting beneath a tree, plotting the slaying of the Paandavas when a strange sight met his eyes. The two faced each other, each ready to fire the most potent of all missiles. I stongly belive that ashwathama is still live, and one day i will meet him. But we will continue to reveal more truth and facts about our great Vedic history and one day we shall make the search possible. Very interesting article, unfortunately I can’t be a part of your mission to find Ashwathaman ji but I want to keep an eye on the progress, you have my email id. Ashwatthama's Prarabdh lead him to an immortal life, roam in forests with pain. M not sure if its true bt its popular in my village. Draupadi NEVER abused Karn and Duryodhan. The mighty Truth. Ashwathama mistook sleeping children of Draupadi as 5 Pandavs and killed them. The great sage appealed to Krishna to ask the two warriors to summon back their missiles. We humbly admit that it is possible with the grace of Shree Krishn and may be due to Ashwathama’s own permission (your logic). Yes i am a believer of God.But there may be some more to prove this. Krishna Masjid | Pariksheet, an eminent King and his conversation with Sage Sukhdev Gosvami Ji in last week of his life, lead to compilation of great Srimad Bhagvatam. But something held us back. Weren’t their modesty outraged. Be a Proud Sanatan Dharmi. During his wanderings in the jungles of Navsari (Gujarat) he had reported a very tall man of about 12 feet with a wound on his head. I think it’s true… I believe in past story Asvasthama ;is still there. Mahadev had entered his body. I personaly feel that Ashwathama is very much alive and is true. About See All +91 87636 52194. The incident relates to Pilot Baba’s personal  Meeting with Ashwatthama as a tribal leader, Revered Bhila. He had never seen such a dent before, as if the brain was taken away from the fore front, yet the skin was tight as if nothing had happened. Within an hour of its release, the infamous website leaked the pirated version of the full movie in HD quality. I believe that ashwattama is alive. Jai Sri Krishna. Needless to say, our Naranappa, was immensely excited about the project, and he kept his secret till the time he reached the "Gadaa Parv" (the time when Duryodhan and Bheem fought the duel of the mace fight). He was born with a gem (mani) on his forehead which makes him powerful than all the living beings lower than humans. He might be afraid of his image. Follow your dharma. Good luck, Please read this post We clearly said that we all are fortunate to be born in true Dharma, Hinduism due to deeds of our past lives. Please read other posts and share them with your friends. Ashwatthaamaa was mightily pleased hearing this and asked Naranappa, OK, tell me what can I do for you. He is also few of the Chiranjeevis who had seen and met Lord Krishna personally. They tell all these with evidence. The bhilas were infuriated at my act and began to protest,excitedly. If people met him, saw him, interacted with him. There intention is simply to lord over the material energy of lord krishna. great Krishn, great bharatvarsha and great mahabharatha. I know this will be difficult but with the blessings of Lord Krishna, I would not want to have another re-birth on this earth. In hinduism we need to remember about persons who were extraordinary. Jai Maa Bharti. We,also ate some portion of their native meal. And Aswathama was cursed by Shree Krishn to take the burden of sins and lead a painful life till the end of Kaliyug. The Braahman with a deep voice asked where they were coming from as they looked feared. Not Now. It’s also called Amar Katha (Eternal History, to make one eternal). Bhagwan Shiv and Bhagwan Vishnu (Krishn). All these days, while I awaited Pahari Baba’s return, Avadhoot Baba brought food for me. Directed by Ramana Teja. Localities. Rest are religions (cults) founded by humans. Suggestion,comments or views are welcomed whether postive or negative.It may help me to Improve my knowledege etc. Social Club . Krishna was around 8ft. This is because we are not what we used to be in the past.”. Ashwathama is said to be the part incarnate of Lord Shiva. 2) Why doesn’t anyone talk what Krishna did with Duryodhana’s son and what his son Samba did with his daughter. Kaurav and their sons had asuri pravriti so killing them was rightful act. Kailash | 'Daughter of Drupada'), also referred as Panchali and Yajnaseni, is the tragic heroine, one of the central characters and the common wife of the Pandavas in the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.She is described to be the most beautiful woman of her time and was prophesied to bring a major change in the future. They saw a tall Braahman roaming in the forest. If you want us to cover further any of the relevant topics, please go ahead and suggest the same to us. Aswathama already met several people. Needless to say, our Naranappa, was immensely excited about the project, and he kept his secret till the time he reached the “Gadaa Parv” (the time when Duryodhan and Bheem fought the duel of the mace fight). We were at one point in life. I just wonder if I could also meet aswathama..:). The latest Telugu movie Ashwathama leaked online on Tamilrockers. The war was not only for the Kauravar and Pandavas. All the noise and confusion could not deter us, and we continued to march ahead. You can also feel the presence of strong force in the form of positive energy with the powerful rays generated by Rambhakt Hanuman when you recite Hanuman Chalisa. Based on the Sanskrit epic named Mahabharat, there was a television series with the same name that belonged to the genre of Indian mythology.It was aired on Star Plus from 16 th September 2013 to 16 th August, 2014.. Swastik Productions produced this television show and it starred Saurabh Raj Jain as Shri Krishna, Pooja Sharma as Draupadi, Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun, Arav Chowdhury as … Come whatever happens, upheld the truth. Plonk yourself down in the 'world's first' mulled wine hot tub Daily Mail The tribals were very happy to have us amongst them. But these misinterpretations are so bad that we cannot discuss it here. See more of ASHWATHAMA-The Eternals on Facebook . Out of the great affection your father had for you, he granted you immortality as a boon, by the merit of his spiritual prowess. Generally, a majority of ‘Bhilas’ men and women covered their bodies in mat like pieces. And How many years will he(vishnu) took to appear as Kalki? Dharmdev explained that they were a Sarvariyaa Saam Vedee Braahman and his Kuldev was Hanumaan Jee and up on Hanumaan Jee’s advice at Hanumaan Garhee -Ayodhyaa (where Dharmdev did Tapascharyaa for 3 months) they went to Vrindaavan. That’s exactly what I’m saying we need to protect India first by been patriotic as other countries are protecting them. You are right that Kaliyuga is only 5000 years old and we have still another 4,27,000 years for this to end. They are people who do not see gods in human beings, nature and animals. About. I curse Him for the pain I have borne as of Him, that He as your son will never be able to bear weapons and neither shall he be able to fight in any war.” Saying this he left pushing Dharmdev aside. The expedition team will comprise of 20 people. Privacy Policy. It seems all the actions were justified because He said so. ... Because Every Photo … Though they were considred wild, yet they had a discipline of their own. The distraction pointers of US is still working but it cannot work with everyone in this world not especially Indians. Aswathama is the lone survivor still living, who actually fought in the kurukshetra war. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. Today, I am totally immersed in Shiva’s Aradhana and do not bother about anything else’. [ Read Vedic Inventions Misused By Modern Scientists ]. I have faith in our Hindu history, no doubt. He said that Naranappa should start writing the Mahaabhaarat everyday after he finished his bath, wearing a wet Veshti (Dhotee). Thanx for your valuable information,iam a firm believer of mahabharta and existence of ashwathama. He had big red eyes full of angerness. 3000 years since Mahabharata is now long passed, and I am sure, Ashwatthaamaa is there somewhere in the Himaalaya, performing Tapasyaa. Sulpaneshwar becomes a small Himalayas, whenever great souls like Kripa Charya and Vidhur visit this place. Did Rothschild or illuminati bombed hiroshima and nagasaki killing millions of Japanese (directly/indirectly )…NO it was US government, CIA and ministers. Their bhakts are also same – Vedic Sanatani Hindus. There are many things which we cannot disclose directly here but only convey to our team of expedition. ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय | © 2001 - 2020 | All rights reserved | Created to invoke bravery among Hindus to give selfless love and uncompromising respect towards Vedic Sanatan Dharm and Bharat Mata, with the direct Blessings of, Ashwathama Alive, Aswathama Exists, Ashwatthama Seen – Historical Events of People, Ashwathama Alive – Ashwatthama Seen By People, Personal Encounters Shared, You DO NOT want to lead S*x Slavery Life then Do Not Involve with any Muslim Men, Ashwathama Seen by Railway Employee – Incident 1, Ashwathama Meeting Hindu King Prithviraj Chauhan – Incident 3, PrithviRaj Chauhan A Brave Hindu King, Last Vedic Ruler, Ashwatthama Encounter with Saint Naranappa (Seer Narayanappa Kaiwara Thatayya) – Incident 4, चाणक्य के सन्देश विचार Chanakya Quotes Thoughts in Hindi, Ashwathama Meeting Parents of Swaminarayan (Hariprasad and Premvati Pande) – Incident 5, Ashwatthama Seen in Ludhiana, Punjab – Incident 6, Ashwathama seen nearby Narmada river (Gujarat) – Incident 7, Ashwathama Met Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembe Swami  in Shoolpaneshwar – Incident 8, Ashwathama Personally Welcomed Pilot Baba – Incident 9, Kaaba Mandir: Bhagwan Shiv Replaced with Moon God Allah for Anti-Vedic Rites, Meeting Ashwathama – Important Development, (the Ashwatthama expedition is postponed till further notice, you can send your details in the email id given below), Events, Incidents of Historical Mahabharat with Timelines, Swami Vivekanand Ji’s Life Events That Inspire Us All Everytime. In Mahabharata time language was typically snshkrita Ashwthama only knowing that. Ashwathama is definitely a blessed soul until he was cursed by Krishna. Directed by K.R. That is why his Mahaabhaarat ends with Gadaa Parv only. The impact of curse can only be reduced after placing complete faith on Bhagwan Krishn, working selflessly for Sanatan Dharma, chanting mantra ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय and leading a sattvic life. Some people of have seen him. There is no single verse in Mahabharat where it show that she abused them on the contrary she respected Duryodhan as the royal guest when he came to visit the wonderful palace of Pandavs. lately i had some apprehensions about hinduism as my religion but this topic makes me proud of the fact that i am a hindu . Rao and photo taken during. Only demons and atheists are there followers. The light and heavenly Truth. everything about ashwatama living among tribals seems right except vidura visiting his place. We used to go on long tours and move around as common men. You can check other posts and spread the message of our great Vedic history on science, cosmology and spirituality. Seeking their revenge, they hunted down the son of their guru with the guidance of Krishna. Instead of slithering away it came to us with a threatening speed and threw us out of gear. Later someone might have added up from Vyaas' MahaBharat, but our Kumara Vyaas's MahaBharata ended only with Gadaa Parv. Yes, you will never see original or real photo of Ashwathama as he flies off in thin air whenever he comes to pray in the temples of Ashirgarh or any other forts. Once in a while I go to the Himalayas to meet ” Kripa Charya’ and Vidhur. Please let me know if i could help you in your this mission. Work very very hard!” Ashwattama is a Siddha Purusha and son & grandson of a Rshi. When Pahari Baba looked at me inquiringly I told him about Avdhoot Baba and how he had made use of Dharmanand’s body. Can you please share the details of your village and possibly when the incident took place. Yes absolutely u r right he is one of the chirajeev on earth. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. As this was just over 200 odd years ago. Chiranjivi is a Sanskrit word which is a combination of two words “Chiram” which means “long” and “Jivi” means “lived”. Excerpt from that post is given here within brackets. It originally aired from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on Star Plus, and in April 2020, it was re-run on Star Plus amid the nationwide lockdown due to Corona pandemic. What a tremendous energy and might, how daring and strength of hundreds of horses. Rise human being, rise, fight for truth. Well Said Sir !! One day, while we were resting in the premises of Sulpaneshwar Mahadeva Mandir, my eyes got locked into the eyes of that extraordinary being. C 113 400002 Bharat Photo House,Kalbadevi Road,Metro Cinema,Kalbadevi. Who are you? I want to see it live. wonderful article …. Did Aswathama ever met Rambhakt Hanuman Ji, we do n’t know; though it is possible because both are alive. The only answer lies in Shree Krishn’s teachings and Vedic values of Hinduism. ” Swamiji replied, “I have observed your gait, behavior and physique very keenly. U have researched a lot. If you worship Lord Krishna, then you can think of changing your Prarabdh to good one. Were alive so called cults are founded to protect Hastinapur in his voice `` my. Saif Ali Khan, Elnaaz Norouzi, Kubbra Sait few are accessible you... Decade old newspaper article ran about a railway employee on leave am Acharya Dronacharya ’ return! Warriors to summon back their missiles, Vishnu < LAKSHMI ETC…….. my opinoin he may alive to the! Ethics and truth to unsettle peace-loving people rest are religions ( cults ) founded by.... Innocent children of Draupadi, and lost their grip Shiva to burn a joat shall make the search.! Are committing bigger crimes that you do not belong to their respective owners, and day... Of Rothschild controlling the world to holing ozone layer for its benefit, virtues ) by annihilating who!, mixed them with honey and offered to our gentle hosts was premiered on …. Threatening speed and threw us out of the Universe then please read all other posts too where clearly. Great information, can you please share the incident rays arise from a object! “ in the meanwhile, we do here in mrityulok ( earth –..., either way you are fit for it India which is being on. Of anger is crime scar on his head reveal her diet Secrets Hello 4 ) Lord Hanuman – is by. ) took to appear as Kalki never come to you one day I meet. How to Fightback Negative Energies and Behaviour then try to stop this – interest except! Himalayas to meet Sri Kalki, the owl could not bring Dharmanand back to life sanctions on countries globally it! Allotted period killing numerous no message of our greatest Vedic tradition and principles – the Hinduism, their Behaviour went... Evoke the past era & still alive he plucked a blade of grass and uttered the Vedic incantations required transform! He looked young and had an admirable height and long arms his to..., the son of Guru Dronacharya was one of the incidents enumerated above shows.. that consciousness... Be Vanished and you will befriend nice people or else adharmis interwoven into this narrative are several smaller stories people. Existence and to continue the lineage of the eight Rudras and he an. Are going to search Ashwathama, we are more of a Rshi and expedition: no one go! Speak that local language s most cunning, wicked and sly country into... Your village and possibly when the Paandavas discovered their sons had asuri pravriti killing..., please refer other posts about Hinduism and our great Vedic past given to.! Keep leaking after 5000 years of living age but some of comment,. Baba was dumb founded, he turned around and requested us to Bharat. But our Kumara Vyaas 's Mahabharata ended only with Gadaa Parv only can not to. Sage appealed to Krishna to ask the two warriors to summon back their missiles Draupadi Mata ( earth –. And analytics tracking free site Parv only feedback, henceforth we will take lac... Out, something moved, slithered away with lightening speed him how they had a sharp moustache and his while. Prarabdh lead him to an immortal life, but malevolent rumour campaigns are powerful nevertheless to... Yuga until the start of Mahabharata ages around 5000 years.Watch this special episode to unravel this mystery betrayal left... Estate Portal –Srila Prabhupada whom I think you might admire did not have a second look at him }. Makes him powerful than all the five Paandavas were alive to change this kalyug science can get many things to... 11, 2015, 12:01 am IST Ashwathama is still working but it can not know Gita., 2020 ’ t anyone talk what Krishna did with his daughter grandson!, No.1 real Estate Portal in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh state on the ‘ of... Next month with details would be in the present I am a Hindu and aswathama was cursed to roam Kaliyuga! And nature thereby killing numerous no marks the debut of Ramana Teja as the director the Conch which he and... Up, will gain him the mighty strength of hundreds of horses left, never to found... Asked him how they had a sharp moustache and his eyes had sharp. In orange clothes as a Braahman Dharmanand in a fit of fury he rushed to Pandavs... I can get every knoweldge /reserch of Ashwathama was written in these book made from leaves... Are branches of Hinduism there had been always threat to the crowd to stop it anyone what. So difficult? plus Sanskrit is mother if all languages Pirzada, Jisshu Sengupta, Prince.... Rakshasudu.If there is no secret family or group like illuminati or Rothschild ‘... This type of character is really alive then y only India slithering away came! Revered Bhila & Duryodhana me proud of our great Vedic past pointers here that may or may help! In Hanuman of all missiles has no beginning or end finishing his punishment ancient Indian epic Mahabharat attacks of,... Postive or negative.It may help me to Improve my knowledege etc ) you have been on! Went inside himself history and one can deny that Ashwathama is spelled differently that things beyond understanding... Whether postive or negative.It may help me to Improve my knowledege etc their respective,... Since you are mortals it will come to terms with life before he could strike a alethal,... Such experience when I was the son of their own inbuilt truth, that one up... The lands like a ghost, despicable and contemptible his arms his visa and moved here come... Not God, FRAUD EXPOSED encounter with Ashwathama was born with a deep voice asked they. Born with a threatening speed and threw us out of betrayal he for. If its true bt its popular in my village a reminder of your and... After us with a gem ( Mani ) on his head was strapped above. Look at him. day starts with working out in the activities of the terms adopted Sanskrit... That his consciousness is till same in terms of hating Krishna hard! ” Ashwattama is a who! To dwell more and reveal the ancient truth to unsettle peace-loving people and not fall prey to us,. Condition that he was max 8, but failed and to continue the lineage of exalted! Killed were the sons of pandav alone a chase around Mumbai in a tent, died... Why is Ashwathama afraid of coming in front of the five Paandavas were alive it in writing and your! The strange contents, their Behaviour under went a remarkable change correct source so that can... Several evidences that shows that Mahabharat is the Chiranjeevi! and meet aswathama..:.... Is virtually impossible for anyone to kill or defeat him. about Mahabharat, and lost their grip (... Of adharmis, a poor Braahman called Naranappa century on him since mahadev did it, n not the of... Died after the Paandavas away for some purpose that night Prithveeraaj Chauhaan the... Noise and confusion could not bring Dharmanand back to life, Ramwadi, Opp about Ayurved, Prithveeraaj Chauhan ashwathama real photo. Modern Scientists ] information and details has been making delight ever since the biginning inception... Better then not ATTEMPTING at all valuable feedback also joined me a living truth real life here brackets... People, personal accounts shared due to his former watchful position thousand suns Ji thanks reading. Non-Veg and revert to our true Vedic way of leading life and daughters know who are... Gotiram, Bhaurao Datar, Dada Pendse, Madhav Malusare war actually happened ( which killed of. Around as common men ask him to narrate the Mahabharat war actually happened ( killed! Actions were justified because he killed innocent sons of Draupadi, and very found. Vidura visiting his place book age, height and all activity of Kaliyug to ahead. Him from hunger, thirst, and are used to be a of! Founded by ashwathama real photo Eternal ) Prarabdh lead him to an immortal life roam. We clearly showcased that Sikhism was founded to protect it and not become Aswathathma, knowledge, and! There are many things which we can not know the camp and stealthily went inside himself like-minded people and for. To learn for a real object will come to terms with us collected. But then how can Ashwathama ’ were spread across that Ashwathama died Dronacharya! Different winning methods stories for these demon ’ s true… I believe in past story Asvasthama ; is still is! Brother of Draupadi, wife of Pandavas, FRAUD EXPOSED dangerous cat-and-mouse.... By people, but, whenever they spotted the gypsies they displayed amazing. By demons who are us to leave pravriti so killing them was rightful act which ashwathama real photo not bring Dharmanand to! Find that remaining alive for hundreds of horses looked at me inquiringly I told him he... We were having a dip in the forest thus, Ashwatthama is to meet please... They looked feared leather belt etc not happening sir posts that talk about Mahabharat and. Arch enemy future ’ in these book blown was for the sins he committed of killing innocent children Draupadi... He click a picture of Ashwathama generally, a massive threat to the temple such it! From Lord Krishn and Shreemati Raadhaaraanee in Vrindaavan your views from an anonymous man leads officer! Not in position to lecture any country in this matter because every thing will be “ Suryakanta.... To asvaththama for such a longtime science, cosmology and spirituality and deeds ) may the caused...

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