Tornado Throws Pickup Truck Todays Entertainment News


They can be destructive and violent. It is easy to rip off shingles and panels from buildings. They can raise entire homes hundreds of feet high in the air. The video below showcases a large pickup truck being lifted , then spun in the air as if it was completely weightless.

The video begins with storm chasers barreling towards the tornado that is off their rear. They’re close to the tornado. They are in such close proximity that the passenger expresses concern. The danger is real. It is fortunate that the tornado is moving away while they pursue it. However, it is extremely risky as tornadoes may be able to change direction in any given moment.

In the case of small towns and towns, the trail of destruction continues. The tornado hurled debris and fragments of roofs hundreds of yards up into the air. Someone is likely to have to replace their roof for sure. Then, to their surprise, storm chasers they witness a large pickup truck being lifted in the air by the vicious tornado.