This is Why Your Copper Pipes Change Color – Family Tree Websites

Copper pipe is utilized for plumbing. Copper pipes are used throughout the plumbing industry for decades. Copper pipe is practically guaranteed for older homes. The piping you see is likely to be that coppery orange hue. However, you may be surprised to learn that it has largely changed shade over the course of time. In this clip we will explain how the change in color takes place.

A change in the color of copper means it’s been corroded. The chemical reaction known as the process of oxidation. The result is a fresh green hue. The Statue Of Liberty had a an orange-colored copper. While this was a good thing to the Statue of Liberty it’s not great news for your pipes. The process of corrosion can cause uneven the pressure of water in your pipes which can expedite the process of corrosion even to the point of. In the end, your pipes could be leaking. This is why it is essential to contact the local plumbers for a visit at your piping issues. This issue could become more severe should it not be addressed quickly.