The Ultimate New Home Construction Checklist


Get any required permits and authorizations from local authorities.

This is a crucial part of the complete new home list of construction tasks. While your new home is being constructed, it’s a good idea to think about the furniture and other accessories the home will require once you move into. The items include the furniture you’ll need and appliances, through lighting, and window treatment. Start shopping early and set a budget to purchase the items.

In the Meantime

It’s a vital component of the total house construction checklist. You will need somewhere to be able to stay while construction is underway. That could be one of your homes or staying with friends or family. Self-storage storage units can be ideal if have any belongings that you wish to protect while construction is underway. To ensure that you are comfortable living in your home while the construction process is underway, be sure you are prepared.

Making a Timeline

It’s an essential part of the ultimate new house construction checklist. In order to ensure that the construction project is finished on time and within budget, it’s important to set up a timetable to guide the building process. This should include milestones for each stage of the process in addition to the deadlines for building the materials and inspections. This timeline should be communicated to the building contractor along with any other contractors to keep everyone on the same page.

Day of Moving

It’s an important part in your final home building checklist. There may be a used truck in your possession or hire a cargo van. It’s time to finally relocate to your new home after years of hard work and planning. If you’re looking for help with moving day, you might be interested in hiring a local removal company or leasing a cargo van for the duration of the move. You should coordinate with your builder and other contractors to ensure all final touches