The Art Behind Grave Markers – The Art Museum


What do the different designs that are carved onto grave markers are and the people who created them.
Thousands of different non-spiritual and symbolic symbols of the spiritual have been placed in grave markers across the centuries, representing attitudes toward death and afterlife. A lot of grave markers are not created by machines-operated gravestone corporations. Instead, they were created by artisans on their own.
This clip shows Daniel Rossi, a Carrara-based sculptor who worked eight days a week, six days a weeks for thirteen years, before making the move in America. He started making grave markers using stone decorated by Jesus Christ.
It’s a labor-intensive craft that requires a lot of time. Rossi says mistakes on stone can be repaired. The sculptor requires a brand new piece of marble. Grave marking and sculpting other things by hand is an art that’s dying, and artisans are concerned with the possibility that in the near future the art will cease to exist. to continue the craft.