How to Make a Headstone – Toronto Poets

We ask for a monument to pay tribute to their lives. This article will be looking at the detailed craftsmanship required to create a headstone.

First, scrub the granite headstone in order to remove debris and dust. To clean it with a granite cleaner, an acid as well as a rag could be utilized. A stencil is applied next to give the headstone fabricator guidance for carving the letters. After that, the pieces with artwork and lettering are cut using an Xacto blade. The stone is coated with frost.

A separate chamber is where Frost is applied to stone. The process includes lightly sandblasting gravestones in order to get rid of any design or writing. Fillers are added after the panels are removed and the panels with the stencils remain.

The lines of the letters will be removed, and then the stone will then be removed and sandblasted. V-lines can also be referred to for their stencils. To reinforce the stencil, it’s then hammered. High-pressure air is used to blast letters and artwork. The stencil then can be removed using a specially-formulated painting process that uses granite to cover the letters and artwork.

To remove any stencil dust or filler the headstone should be cleansed with mineral spirits. When the headstone has dried the headstone is now ready for use.