How is Steel Made? – Work Flow Management

for steel constructions, automobiles in steel appliances, cars and buildings. Every year, 1864 million tons of steel is produced globally. How does iron ore become steel? In this video, we will demonstrate how steel is created.

The process starts with the mining of iron ore. The iron ore is sifted from the earth and taken to a location. This facility is where the elements of iron are removed by magnetic rollers. The elemental iron is then grouped into clumps for cooking. The iron is then cooked in blast furnaces. A blast furnace is a very high-temperature furnace, which is essential for cooking iron. But, there’s another ingredient for steel. Coke is made by coal. It’s heated up in furnaces to turn into a form of raw carbon known as coke. The coke is later mixed with iron inside the blast furnace to create the iron pig. The pig iron is then added with other additives, such as Chromium and Cobalt and Titanium. The pig iron is then given various characteristics which are evident in the finished steel in the final. Lastly, this molten steel alloy goes through the casters and then takes on its final form as a steel beam.