Hilarious Viral Video Keeps Small Store in Business – Loyalty Driver

modern economy. Superstores such as Lowes as well as Home Depot dominate the market. Although it can be difficult to compete with small-sized businesses, this can be done. An Texas hardware shop that sells small quantities of hardware showed how creativity could be a big difference. In this clip you’ll learn the details about Wiley Hardware and Supply.

Wiley Hardware and Supply is a hardware supplies store in Chico, Texas. Since its beginnings it is owned by the same family for generations. The store has lost customers to the larger stores, yet they will not quit. To draw younger patrons The store’s owner decided to use social media. He designed an “electric” hammer , which is shakes vigorously when connected to an outlet. The hammer is a regular hammer, with a cord connected. In the end, he created an amusing video that shows how to operate the tool. The video has racked up an impressive 13 million views. It also caused a significant increase in sales for the small Texas hardware shop.