Creating Links on Website is Important

When it comes to designing a website you need to consider all of the information you want to contain on it and how people will be able to browse the site. Once you establish the information contained you then need to establish the codes for how browsing will take place. If you want people to be able to move from page to page there are a couple of ways to do this.

The first way to accomplish this is by using anchor links, which allows a user to go from one point on a page to another. To create these you need to create two separate anchor tags, one is a starting point one is an ending point. When making these you need to use a href html link in order specify the destination of the link. This type of href link is used to go from the bottom of a page to the top and back again.

You also can use a href html link to go from page to page on a website because a href html link will determine the URL of the page that the link goes to. If the link does not contain a href html link then it is not a hyperlink and will not work as designed. When creating these hyperlinks you can attach them to a word, a group of word or an image that is set up to take you to another page.

When you begin to make a href html link you need to have a starting point, usually a word or image and you need to have a href target point which is the destination of the link. If you do not have both of these the the link will not work and you will have problems when someone tries to browse you website.