Check Out These Incredible Megaprojects! – Art In The News

Construction is everywhere. From to the Empire State Building’s construction to commercial contractors bringing up an elementary school in the area. Every structure you encounter on a daily basis used to be a piece of undeveloped land. Even though building structures and homes has become much easier over the past several years thanks to more efficient planning and building techniques, there are still a few small-scale projects that make usage of the whole potential of construction. Megaprojects do not only apply to the square-shaped homes of today. The predictions for this year look highly optimistic. Megaprojects may be enormous and require years of effort in order to complete. The video below will provide several megaprojects anticipated to be completed in the coming year.

The island district in Dubai The Dubai Creek Tower is set to go live by the end of 2022. It is expected to be more than 2,700 feet high and will have numerous rooms, floors, restaurant rooms as well as apartments. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is scheduled to supply hydroelectric power to hundreds of towns and villages in Ethiopia It will also have an enormous impact on Ethiopia’s renewable energy challenges.