Caulk Your Cabin Like This! – Family Reading

ve a log home? Log homes look beautiful but they’re also a source trouble if not well maintained. The logs can become twisted and compromised by moisture with time. This can cause structural damage when left unchecked. In this instructional video it will be explained how to seal a chinkless log for your home.

In the beginning, you’ll need log cabin caulk, as well as one gun for caulking. The dimensions and spacing between logs can affect the shape of the tip, or nozzle. Once you have your supplies in place, start caulking around 45 degrees and mark the spaces between the logs by caulking. According to this video, it’s essential to utilize an excellent caulk as they’ll last longer and have less air bubbles inside the caulk. Premium caulk can last for about 20 years or more, as per the video. There’s nothing other to add to it. If you think caulking is too much job, it is possible to call a professional cleaning and maintenance company.